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Home Safe Second 

homesafe second reverse mortgage

HomeSafe® Second is a second mortgage that allows older homeowners to access their home equity without adding an additional monthly mortgage payment and without refinancing their current low rate first mortgage.

HomeSafe Second is for people who need to:

Consolidate high-interest credit card debt

• Cover rising costs at the pump and the grocery store

• Fund long-term care, medical expenses, or emergencies

• Pay for home improvements

• Increase monthly income stream


HomeSafe Second loans you a portion of your home equity via a second mortgage. There are no additional monthly mortgage payments required until you leave or sell your home.  Don’t add more payments to your monthly budget. Unlock your home equity with HomeSafe Second.

Click below to get a no-obligation quote and find out how much you may be eligible for.

The balance of your loan will grow over time. When you leave the home, you or your heirs will be responsible for paying back the loan, which can be settled with the sale of the house but will never amount to more than the home’s value. Keep in mind, you will be responsible for keeping your current first mortgage, maintaining the home, and paying property taxes and insurance.

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